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      Vzor, výrobné družstvo Zvolen (The manufacturing Cooperative) is a medium-sized Slovak company engaged in production of clothing and cardboard, with over 65 years of experience.

      Currently, within the clothing industry in the Slovak market, our team ranks among the largest manufacturers of work, professional, leisure clothing and women's clothing.

      Production of work and professional clothing covering the entire range of products for various industries and services, production of women's apparel is a complete range of women's clothing and an assortment of professional clothes for various service sectors. In the case of customer's request own design center it allows the design and execution of basic cut, its computer processing to design documentation, sew and verification of samples to series production.

      Manufacture of wearing apparel is implemented as a full confection or work in wages. In case the full confection purchase clothing materials is bought from the EU from certified producers.

      The guarantee of our quality is the expertise and long experience of our staff, professional technological equipment workshops, as well as more than 30 year collaboration with foreign partners from EU countries.

      In the range of packaging we produce industrial packaging of corrugated and solid cardboard, stationery, coated (luxury) packaging, if necessary with print. Of course there is a quality bonus production of small series and one-piece orders and short delivery times.

      Our strategy is to build a fair and long-term commercial partnerships, to supply high quality products according to customers at reasonable prices and in the shortest possible terms.

(c) VZOR  výrobné družstvo, Požiarnická 2/1354, 962 12 Detva             tel. +421 (0) 45 54 56 301      e-mail:

                                                                                                                  tel. +421 (0) 903 544 878       

                                                                            tel. +421 (0) 903 567 966