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01xxCommercial rolls and sheets

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05xxSlide-type boxes

Slide-type boxes consist of several pieces of liners and sleeves sliding in different directions into each other.

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02xxSlotted-type boxes

Slotted-type boxes consist of basically one piece with a glued, stitched or taped manufacturers joint and top and bottom flaps. They are shipped flat.

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06xxRigid-type boxes

Rigid-type boxes consist of more pieces which repuire stitching to get the final shape.

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03xxTelescope-type boxes

Telescope-type boxes consist of two or more pieces and are characterised by a lid and/or bottom telescoping over the body of the box. They are glued or stitched.

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07xxReady-glued cases

Ready-glued cases consist of basically one piece and are shipped flat.

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04xxFolder-type boxes

Folder-type boxes and trays usually consist of only one piece of board. The bottom of the box is hinged to form two or all side walls and the cover. The boxes can be set up without stitching or taping.

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09xxInterior fitments

Interior fitments such as inside liners, pads, partitions, dividers etc.

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