pizza and boxes

The packaging is divided into the following groups


  • cases and boxes with interior fitments
  • shape cuts as folders, etc.
  • maximal dimension of one cut part = 1 600 x 2 200 mm
  • folder-type boxes according to your design fastened by sewing, gluing or self-fastened
  • one or more colours cover
  • "RESY" sign can be added

Our advantages

  • production of untraditional small or big dimensions at width up to 2 600 mm
  • short delivery times from 7 to 14 days
  • production of small and large orders, starting with 10 pieces


  • corrugated cardboard with 2 layers and with wool C
  • 3-layers and wool E, B and C
  • 5-layers and with wool B/C
  • 7-layers with wool B/B/C
  • smooth cardboard 300 - 2 000 g/m2
  • cardboards can have coloured surface finish: brown, - marble,- white

Packaging from corrugated cardboard is made in a shape of transport boxes, cases and interior fitments from three layers and five layers corrugated cardboard.

Box is packaging from corrugated 3-5-layer cardboard which is used in distribution network (product boxes, bags).

Transport case is packaging from five-layer cardboard used for transport of wrapped products.

Interior fitments are to protect the product against damage

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